Family outing in London – Pocket friendly activities to do with the kids

Family outing in London – Pocket friendly activities to do with the kids - AirportsFirst Taxi Service

London is an amazing city to visit, filled with state of the art landmarks and amazing attractions. All the interesting and overwhelming scenery can make it a breeze to frequently open up your wallet and if you’re not careful, you may considerably injure your pockets. But being in London doesn’t have to be hard on your kitty, here are some of the best activities you can do to without breaking the bank.

Museum visits
London is a safe haven for museums and galleries and some of them won’t cost you a penny. There’s the National gallery, a free entry pass to view some of the paintings of famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso and Monet. You could also visit the Wallace Collection that is a home to various pikestaffs, porcelain and portraits. You’ll also see a couple of weaponry and armour, all for free.

Hyde Park
There’s also the beloved Hyde Park where you can take your kids to enjoy a relaxing day outdoors. You can also stroll by the Serpentine Lake but if your kids have got too much energy, rollerblading will be ideal for them. They can skate in the roads that go through the park and if you’ve not carried your own skates, you can hire some.

Hyde Park Riding Stables provide a fun way for the kids to enjoy themselves. The horses move through an 8km stretch past the historic equestrian and Rotten Row for the best experience. No previous riding experience is required because instructors will be present.

You could also visit the popular Princess of Wales’ Memorial Playground that would give your kids the opportunity to act as pirates by exploring the giant wooden pirate ship. The tepees and beaches would keep both you and your kids involved and if you’ve got rollerblades, you can move around Broadwalk.

Cycling club
If you’ve got your bikes and your kids love riding, then joining a cycling club is a no brainer. Pollards Hill Cyclists organises cycling rides around Croydon and Mitcham area and this can also be a perfect option to tour around. There’s no need to book, all you have to do is show up with your bike 15 min earlier. Oh, and it’s free.

Cheap restaurants
After all the activities you’re all bound to be hungry. London has a variety of cheap restaurants where you can have a satisfying meal at a fair cost. Take a tube to Covent Gardens and here you’ll be met by a string of amazing cheap restaurants to eat from. The kids would certainly enjoy the burgers and custard shakes. Additionally, there are a lot of street performances from mime artists and acrobats that would amaze you for days to come.

Bargain shopping
For the shoppers, you can still remain at the heights of fashion with London’s budget friendly shops. Some popular options include Camden, Spitalfields and Portobello Road, and here you can get fantastic clothes without a designer price tag.

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