Dover Seaport Transfers

This counts as one of the most popular ports worldwide. Based on the southeast coast of England, Dover seaport serves over 16million people and around 2million freight vehicles annually making it one of the busiest ports on earth. The port has got 2 docks, the Eastern docks and Western docks and is located around 120km from central London. Dover’s city centre is a 30min walk away.

Special facilities

The port has a number of passenger facilities including cash machines and bank and bureau de exchange services. There are also special needs facilities, booking desks, and a wide selection of shops, stores and restaurants. You’ll also get hotels and spas close to the seaport if you’re planning on staying around the port.

Access to Dover Seaport
Train services

Dover train services are the fastest means of transportation to and from the seaport. The railway connects Dover seaport to 5 train stations in central London. However, you’ll need a taxi between the ferry terminals and Dover Priory Station. These trains only take 65min from Dover to London St Pancras.

In case you wish to get to an airport, you should probably know that there are no direct routes that connect Dover to the London airports. The best way is getting to Central London first.

Cruise bus shuttles

These cruise buses are the only door to door means of public transport. They move in a touring manner from one hotel to the next all over London and are best suited for travellers interested in sightseeing. Cruise buses are available each time cruise ships are at the ports.


National Express provides buses that operate between London and Dover. The vehicles can accommodate a capacity of 50 people and take 2-3hrs depending on traffic and number of stops. These couches also make a variety of stops before getting to central London. Booking online reserves you a seat and if your flight is delayed, you can use the e-ticket for a later vehicle.

Private vehicle hire

Dover seaport also gives you the option of having private cabs take you to your destination. However, it’s advisable to make your booking with a reputable transfer company before you arrive.

You could also get small buses or touring coaches if you are travelling as a group or have a lot of luggage. A direct private travel to central London would take you around 2 hours.