The Top 5 Action-Packed Adventure Sports in LONDON

The sights, nightlife, and culture of London are famous across the world. But, not many know that this wonderful city has an adventurous side too. There are many options for adventure freaks to hang out in London, such as ice climbing in Covent Garden, kayaking down the Thames, bungee jumping near the O2 arena, etc. Let’s have a look at the best of adventure sports in London.

1. Kayaking along the Thames

The Top 5 Action-Packed Adventure Sports in LONDON

Love the water? Then, go kayaking along the most familiar river of the world, Thames. There are guided kayaking tours and trips round the year, which are organized by the Kayaking London ( You can book your tour and paddle along the Thames. While doing this you can see many amazing sights, such as the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, in addition to gliding under the well-known bridges of London. You will start your kayak adventure from Chelsea in west London and navigate the busy waterway in single (for experienced people) or two-seater kayaks, whichever suits you the most.

2. Freefall from the tallest sculpture in the UK

The Top 5 Action-Packed Adventure Sports in LONDON

You should definitely try this one action-packed activity in the capital, which is the highest freefall abseil in the United Kingdom. The twisting silver and red structure on which the free fall is done is known as the ArcelorMittal Orbit and is created by artist Anish Kapoor. It is the main attraction of the Olympic Park and the tallest sculpture in the UK. This abseil is a descent of 80 m and gives a bird’s eye view from the peak. If you like things slow, you can control the drop slowly and enjoy the panoramic views. And, if you are a daredevil and like it fast and happening, you can just whip down as fast as your arms allow you to.

3. Parkouring

The Top 5 Action-Packed Adventure Sports in LONDON

Parkouring, also called free running, is one the other famous adventure activities in the Capital that you can try. Parkour refers to the practice of traversing obstacles in the best way possible. In this, you can leap across a stairwell, teeter on a rooftop, or scale a wall. The popular spots for free running in London are around the South Bank and Waterloo. However, this is a risky sport, so you must take classes before trying it in order to learn the safety skills. You can opt for the safety lessons offered by Parkour Generations ( in the city.

4. Bungee jumping by the O2

The Top 5 Action-Packed Adventure Sports in LONDON

Indulge in a session of bungee jumping alongside the O2 arena. You can jump alone or go for tandem jumps alongside the vast O2 dome. This allows you to expand your height tolerance and take in the spectacular views of the tallest landmarks in the city and the famous Canary Wharf. You can book your bungee jump with the UK Bungee Club (

5. Climb an ice wall

The Top 5 Action-Packed Adventure Sports in LONDON

You can also opt for indoor ice climbing, which is one of the surprising adventures in London. You can do this in the colossal refrigeration unit situated in the Covent Garden, where temperatures range between -5 and -12°C. This 8 m ice wall climbing is perfect for both novice and experienced climbers, as it has gentle inclines as well as sharp overhangs. You can book your ice climbing sessions through Vertical Chill London (

So, choose your favorite adventure sport and dive into one. Even if you do not have a favorite, you can try all of them!

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