Top 5 Annual Events in London

For any traveler, a change of scenes is truly worth the time. Most people long to see a different set of cultures and scenic views, and what better way to do that than to visit London. Over the years, London has hosted some of the most captivating annual events of all time. And this culture is showing no signs of diminishing. So if you’re looking to spice up your holidays, then here are some top notch events to fire up your thrill levels.

Notting Hill Carnival
Notting Hill Carnival - Top 5 Annual Events in London

This is undoubtedly London’s largest street party. It’s an event designed with the main intent of giving people a chance to have fun. Notting Hill Carnival takes place every August bank holiday and has an astounding attendance of over a million people. This event celebrates the rich mix of tradition and culture, lighting up the streets with joyous music and varying delicacies. It lasts for two days, dedicating one day to adults and the other to children.

Wimbledon Championship
Wimbledon Championship - Top 5 Annual Events in London

For the sports fans, the Wimbledon tennis championships would be their best premier event. This is a championship spread over a two week period towards the end of June. The Wimbledon Championships brings together some of the world’s greatest tennis players on a battle for glory. Just to spice things up, you can even place your bets on it and enjoy the exciting delight of the tournament.

Bonfire Night Fireworks
Bonfire Night Fireworks - Top 5 Annual Events in London

This is a unique event that occurs every 5th of November. It involves lighting up enormous bonfires and sending fireworks to the skies. The Bonfire Night event has a history that can be dated back to 1605 to commemorate Fawke’s failure as he tried to burn the parliament in flames. If you are a lover of fireworks, then this is a must attend event. The energy is electrifying and every year, the event never disappoints.

The Proms
The Proms - Top 5 Annual Events in London

The Proms keeps the classical music spirit alive. Started by Robert Newman, the event occurs at the Royal Albert Hall between July and September. It’s a classical music concert that brings some of the world’s famous classical conductors. The crowds love the orchestras and this is one of those events that are features on some of the biggest television shows.

The Boat Race
The Boat Race - Top 5 Annual Events in London

The Boat Race event has made it to the history books. Started in 1856, the two most prestigious rowing teams in UK go head to head over a four mile stretch on the River Thames. Oxford University and Cambridge University boat clubs engage in a ferocious competition that attracts thousands who view the race on the riverside and on the bridges. Microphones are worn by both the parties to capture the onboard action and you’d be able to view the race over several vantage points strategically located along the riverside.

The options are plenty and there are numerous other events that would leave you breathless. These are just some of the major few that would make your trip to London unmatched.

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