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Top 5 Exciting Places to Visit - 1 - AirportsFirst Taxi Service

The world is huge with an interesting array of different areas to visit, and the list keeps on getting longer. It offers anyone the pleasure of enjoying the environs in metropolitan cities to feasting on the warm sun in beach getaways. For a traveller, you’ll definitely want to prioritise your options and here is a well written list of the exciting destinations you won’t want to miss.


This city radiates a remarkable ambience drawing millions of visitors each year. The City of Lights, as it’s commonly called, has earned itself a worldwide reputation, and you can marvel at icons like Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. There are also vast art collections in the stately museums and centuries-old churches that make a pretty good attraction site. But the city doesn’t only give a glamourous visual appeal, it’s also got enough for your taste buds. Savour an exquisite meal in the many hotels and enjoy the chocolate in sidewalk cafés too.


London is a city that has been around for two millennia. It provides the gift of an invigorating experience and one visit is never enough to relish the city’s true potential. Here, you’ll find a fascinating mix of the antiqued and contemporary all ingeniously crafted to suit every being. A perfect day varies for everyone; Fashion lovers can walk down the shopping galore in Oxford Street, culturists shouldn’t miss the Royal Opera House and Tate Modern and food lovers are spoilt for choice with the variety of London flavours. Airport transfers to the city are readily available and you can book a taxi in London to take you to the many world-class sceneries.

Puerto Rico

This is actually an island based in the U.S territory so you can actually pay for your stuff in U.S currency. But don’t let that deceive you, the island has an immaculate charm to it with a little for everybody. There are huge waves that easily get to a height of 20 feet if you feel like showing off your surfing skills, and clear, calm waters to enjoy with your family. There’s also a lovely mix of landscapes from the Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy caves to the El Yunque jungle. Packages available all year round just to cut down your financial burden at help you delight in all the island has to offer.

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