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The beautiful planet earth continues to marvel many and it gets a bit overwhelming to pick out a destination of your choice. In part I we listed 3 of the top 5 destinations and a bit of what you can do when you get there. Here’s the finished list of the top worldwide destinations that you need to know so as to properly plan your next vacation.


Barcelona is commonly known by its football team but there’s a lot more to the city than just its athletic tenacity. The city is by the sea and is endowed by both the historic and the bizarre. You can move from Las Ramblas, where most of the city’s action takes place and explore its vibrant restaurants and pedestrian market. You can then head to the alleys at Barri Gotic after which you can step into Gaudi’s church and other dozens of sacred cathedrals. Some time at the beachside nightclubs would guarantee a pretty good time too.

But what you really shouldn’t miss are Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces and he designed a number of buildings, some of which are the La Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell and Casa Batlló.

New York

This is the well-known lively cosmopolitan, always bursting with life. You probably know about this city from the movies, songs and TV programs but that’s not enough to comprehensively enjoy the glamour of the city. A personal experience is worthwhile; get to see the iconic sites, vibrant culture and view the towering land scrapers. But that’s not all, have a tour of the beloved land marks such as the Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Statue of Liberty, then you can treat yourself to some shopping or fascinating meal at the amazing restaurants. You could also go to the Central park and have a relaxing moment by yourself or even with your family.

So there you have it, the best of destinations that you wouldn’t want to miss visiting. They can be visited by all travellers of all ages and what’s now left is making a choice.

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